Why does this plain looking F&I menu work better than all
the fancy, full color menus and expensive software?
The Package Optiontm method is the result of thousands of hours of
research, trial and error, measuring results, and working in real F&I
departments to find out what really works and what doesn't. We
popularized the basic menus in the early '90's that are being sold in
the marketplace today but that was just the beginning. We have field
tested every method and process in the industry. The Package
tm method is the process that works the best. Below are a few
of the reasons why.
Note: This is a copyright and trademark
protected document. It can only be
reproduced or used after proper training by
Team One or it's authorized agencies.
Through our research, we identified one of the biggest roadblocks to F&I
success was consumer's built in, psycho-neuro, negative reaction to a menu
that visually looked like a selling tool. Full color, feature-benefit type menus
evoke an unconscious wall of sales resistance that impedes the consumer's
natural positive reaction to your products. The disclosure type nature of our
form solves this problem.

2. It's Easy
This is the easiest and most simple process anyone has ever developed for
F&I. As a matter of fact, many F&I managers cannot believe anything this easy
can possibly work. But it does. Believe it. The nice part about that is you can
learn it in one day and get immediate success from your first deal.

3. It's Fast
Our research clearly proves that you have between 4-7 minutes to present
your products. After that the consumer's retention of what is being presented
goes down to almost zero. (Anyone who actually
does F&I already knows
that). The problem with the old 4 column menus is that the proper
presentation, as taught by the  popular F&I schools we tested, takes from
14-24 minutes to present. Our process takes only 3-4 minutes.

Important Note:
You need proper training in the use of the process to make it work.
The form is not magic. It's just a part of the overall program and
The blank forms are provided with our
training and you can make all the copies
you need for free. The options can be
programmed into your existing dealership
software and printed from your forms
menu. This eliminates the need for double
entry for most operating systems. (Some
of our veteran top performers still prefer to
hand write the options). It's up to you.
So simple, so easy, but so powerful.
We will show you how to make these menus work...
..and, we'll also give you the one that
is producing the top F&I results.
1. The menus on the left look like sales tools and the one on the right looks like a disclosure document.
2. Time. Going through and reading all the features and benefits listed on the menus on the left takes too much
time and is too repetitive. Our process is easy, simple, and takes only 3-4 minutes to present.