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Free Cash Conversion F&I Training
In the current market our F&I managers are getting a lot of cash buyers. Obviously, we want to convert as many of those buyers to
our financing as possible. For the last 16 years, we have tested and researched every cash conversion technique in the
marketplace and found that most of the cash conversions being taught out there just don't work and, therefore, aren't being used.
However, by working with our top F&I performers, we have identified a simple and easy technique that has shown some success.
The chart on the left shows the results of
5 different training methods we tested
from various F&I schools and their
You will note that while our approach is
only successful with 20-25 % of cash
buyers, it is, by far, the most effective
method we have been able to identify.
Despite claims of success, when tested,
most cash conversion techniques just
don't work. This one will give you some
results if you use it.
The sample presentation uses our top
performing Package Option
tm Menu, but
can work with any menu you might be
Watch the videos below, try what we show you, and let us know how it works for you.
Video 1.
Is it really Cash?
Video 2.
Cash Presentation
Note: These video excerpts form our video training are YouTube quality,
a little grainy, delay, etc., but you will get the basic message.
(C'mon, it's free). Our online training is much higher quality.
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Special Note:
To download the Microsoft Word template to present the special discount
service contract form to cash customers mentioned in F&I and Showroom,
Automotive News, and George's Saturday Message,
click here.