Presenting F&I Products on Leases
When I share F&I techniques, I like to give a detailed and specific process to use that is proven to
work for a broad spectrum of F&I professionals. Opinions and theories about how things should be
done are fine for F&I forums and chat rooms. But we have learned that a applying a specific process,
applied with every customer, is what produces results for the vast majority of F&I managers.

Am I going to show you the only way to present lease products? Of course not. But this is one way
that is producing very good results, every day, in "real" F&I offices around the country. If you are
already successful with leases, great, keep doing what you are doing.

But for those of you who are looking for an easy, simple, and fast way to start selling some products
on leases, this approach will produce results, I promise.

First, some of you make some pretty healthy reserve on leases. If you can hold some reserve, fine,
make the money. However, many of you are being paid a flat fee or no reserve at all on leases. Either
way, there is some money to be made by presenting products.

Before we start, decide what products you want to present. We have seen success with any number
of products, i.e., paint & fabric protection, windshield products, road hazard, Gap, wheel and tire,
maintenance plans, lease wear & tear, etc., etc.

However, our experience shows the best results by choosing three, (not 2, not 4, but three),
products to focus on. So, decide which three products you want to sell.

Once you have decided which three products to offer, we are going to use a form that has been
developed over the years through trial and error in “real” F&I offices. Here is what the form looks
For a limited time, we have made the form available for download in Microsoft Word© format so
that you can customize the “fill-in” form for your products. Just download the form to your desktop,
modify it to reflect your products, and make copies of it to use on every lease deal.
(Be sure to click “download” and "save" the form to your desktop. Do not try to modify form online)
As a favor to me, (and to keep our lawyer from yelling at me), when you download the form we are
going to provide you,
please leave the copyright notice on the bottom when you reproduce it.
To download a Microsoft Word© version of the lease menu, click:

lease menu download

Note to F&I trainers: If you want to share this approach and form with your clients, please leave the copyright
info on the form and acknowledge this as a Team One process.
When the customer comes into the F&I office, go to this menu as soon as possible. We just say, ”
This form has some important Consumer Leasing Options, and this is a mandatory disclosure I have
to review with you”. Then, “First, let’s verify the terms of the lease you agreed to”. Then you point
out the base lease payment and tell them “This is the base lease payment that the vehicle will cost
you per month”.

Then point to the bold print that says “Consumer Read Carefully” and read the language to them,
word for word:
“You have specific rights and responsibilities in accordance with your lease agreement. However,
you also have important protections that are offered to all qualifying lease consumers by this
dealer. Be sure to carefully consider all options below. These lease options are only available at
lease inception”.

And then say, “So, let me go over these options with you, explain what they are, and then you can
choose, all right?”

Then, very briefly, explain the first three boxes and what the monthly “bump” in their payment
would be for each product. It is important that, as you explain the products, you don’t make it
sound like a sales pitch. Just tell them what the products are and what they do. Remember, people
don’t buy features, they buy benefits.

Then, after explaining the first three boxes, show them the “Secured Lease Package Option” and
quickly review the three options and then offer them a discounted payment for choosing all three.
Tell them the discounted payment and then ask, “Which would you prefer?”

At that point several things can happen. First, an impressive number of customers simply choose
the discounted package option of all three. As a matter of fact, I will caution you to be ready if they
do. Many times, when F&I managers present this approach for the first time and the customer says,
We’ll take this one”, the F&I manager is so surprised they don’t know how to react. Expect it. It will
happen more often than you think.

Many others will choose one or two of the products. If they do, make sure you point out that the
package discount makes the others a good bargain.

But if the customer says, “No, I don’t want that stuff”, don’t be discouraged. Just read the
disclaimer at the bottom of the page and say, “Ok, that’s fine, I just have to make sure that you
understand these options, and that I have explained them properly, and you’re decision is not to
take advantage of them. Is that correct?” “Did you have any questions about any of these options?”
This will open up a dialogue that will allow you to isolate any questions or objections and deal with
them in an informative, rather than confrontational way.

Inform, don’t sell. You will find that customers will choose many of the products.

Give this form and that approach a try. It is working quite well for many of our F&I managers and
you just might be surprised how well it will work for you.

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Once your form is set up with the products you want to present, let’s practice a presentation.
Below is a filled out form with some products as an example:
Note: If you see the message"Allow Blocked Content" when you open this page, be sure to
check "allow blocked content" so that you can download the menu we are going to use .
First, download the form.
Then, set up your own form.
Finally, here's how you present the form.
But First, A Compliance Notice: Leases are governed by Regulation M.
On the option sheet below,  products are represented as a monthly payment when offered.
This is perfectly within the compliance guidelines as defined by the attorney's general and
FTC as long as the total price for these products is fully disclosed on the lease document
and on the product registration forms. Be sure to properly point out and disclose the total
price for the products purchased when completing the lease paperwork.